Uni-Source Supply works with Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association to Raise Funds for Tourism Cares Recovery Fund

  As we all know, the Caribbean has been devastated by the recent hurricanes and rains. Many of our hospitality suppliers have been deeply impacted. Being a Caribbean family owned and operated business, we want to […]

Easter Traditions in the Caribbean

Easter in the Caribbean is celebrated with great fanfare, solemn dress and wonderful foods. Since the islands of the Caribbean are mainly Christian, visitors can expect to find celebration in many forms to recognize the […]

Caribbean Flavors: A Spicy New Trend

Some of the hottest food trends for the upcoming season come from a series of islands set like jewels in the Caribbean Sea. Caribbean cuisine is known for its unexpected flavor combinations, lively street vendors, […]

Best restaurants in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is melting pot of culture and tastes set in an even vaster “corner” of the Atlantic Ocean. The availability of year-round produce from wild groves or managed plantations, and a wealth of ingredients […]

Don’t Visit the Caribbean without Trying These Flavors

The Caribbean stands at the crossroads of cuisine, and you have a lot of different choices for your taste buds to explore. Originally, they built island cuisine on the indigenous Carib and Arawak people. After […]

Help Protect Our Environment by Implementing Some Go Green Initiatives

Within the last decade, the hotel industry has seen an increased interest in pursuing green practices. By implementing programs designed to recycle and reduce waste, hotels are not only saving money, water, and energy, they […]

Choosing the Right Hotel Amenities to Keep Guests Satisfied and Coming Back

Hotels seeking return guests should focus on incorporating outstanding taste in amenities. From the large to the small to the very last detail, guests notice every perk. They also remember personal specifics that either weren’t […]

A Reliable Commercial Refrigerator Can Minimize Waste and Save You Money

A food service facility needs a reliable commercial refrigerator and freezer to minimize waste and therefore extend the budget. The refrigerator can save you thousands of dollars by storing and preserving food day in and […]

A fully Functional Facility Equals Success…

A restaurant business needs a fully functional food service facility if it wants to be successful in serving its customers. Basically you’d need cooking, refrigeration and support/accessories equipment. Here at Uni-Source Supply, we facilitate your […]