A fully Functional Facility Equals Success…

A restaurant business needs a fully functional food service facility if it wants to be successful in serving its customers. Basically you’d need cooking, refrigeration and support/accessories equipment. Here at Uni-Source Supply, we facilitate your learning about our products and that will enable you to choose the best equipment for your needs. Depending on your restaurant’s specialty – you may need environment friendly countertop deep fryers to help you achieve the perfect texture and flavor on fried foods as well as full sized cooking ranges and ovens that are designed to hold up in busy environments. At Uni-Source Supply, we also carry also gyros for perfect sandwiches and stir fry equipment. We have a wide selection of backbone equipment whether light, standard or heavy duty that are designed for use with electricity or gas and are usually compliant with local safety codes. With us, you are sure to find the most appropriate cooking, baking and support equipment for you business’ success. Plus we can help you with advise if you want these equipment to fit into your working area’s design.